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Compare William Shakespeare’s script of Romeo and Juliet to the Toronto Production/Luhrumann feature film. Have the directors changed any of the scenes? Are there similarities?

Because the director is working of of Shakespears play script there are manjy similarities but also a few parts that were in the play script but not in the play. The director also added a short intro befor the beginning of the play. I thought that was a cool added part especxially when the actors interacted with the audience

Explain whether or you enjoyed Shakespeare’s original script or preferred the Toronto Production/Luhrumans version.

I liked the Toronto production better because it seemed like there was a lot more humor and also I enjoyed the audience interaction. I think being a part of the audience also made it feel like I was more involved with the play unlike the movie were you don’t feel that same involvement

What’s was your favorite scene in the Toronto Production/ Luhrumann film? Why?

I think my favourite sccen was the added sceen in the beginning. Because it was something we haden’t seen it before it made me wonder what was happening and made me interested in how they were going to perform the play.

If you could change any scene in the Toronto Production/Luhrumann film which one would it be? What would your changes be?

I would have added the sceens they missed because the play might have made more sense

Explain how the directors from the Luhrumann’s version and the Toronto Production play out the last scene Romeo and Juliet see each other alive? Do they use certain props? Is it similar to the original play script?

Both the movie and the play include Romeo and Juliet dying beside eachother but some sceens were taken ot to shorten the play


William Shakespeare


How do you think William Shakespeare influences composers, choregraphers,patines, filmmakers, sculpture, and musicians?
Do you think William Shakespeare existed? Give examples to prove your argument.


William Shakespeare influenced many artistic people because he wrote many great works. his influence on the artistic community was very great. He is a very famous writer and because of his success many people will want to imitate it. Many famous people influence others so it isn’t surprising that Shakespeare influences other artistic people.

I’m not sure wether Shakespeare existed or not because he wasn’t very well known There are many different theories on wether he existed or not.


Romeo and Juliet (Spoilers)

Here are a few songs I know about Romeo and Juliet:

1: They are in love with each other but there parents don’t like each other so they have to keep the love a secret

2: At the end of the book they (SPOILER) both die

3: There are many movies about Romeo and Juliet. I know Leonardo Dicaprio played Romeo in one of the movies because the poster for the movie is on the door of the English room

4: William Shakespeare wrote the original play

5: It was written in a different English then the English we speak today

7: Taylor Swift wrote a song that had Romeo and Juliet in it


At the moment I don’t have any questions about Romeo and Juliet